Available Filters for enJoy version 2.x for Windows 8 / 10

These filters are ready to download and use.

First download and install enJoy 2.x, then come to this page to download filters.
  • The enJoy software is free
  • Works on Windows 8 / 10
  • Uses VLC as the media player
  • You can play a DVD in your computer's DVD drive or you can use a digital movie stored on your computer (whatever VLC will play)
  • Our filter library is small but growing as users (like you) donate or sell your filters on our website.
Click the movie name to see filter details.**

Movie Rating DVD Release Date DVD Movie Length Filter Status Date Posted

Ant-Man PG-13 2015 117 minutes Beta 6/14/2016

Jurassic Park PG-13 1993 127 minutes Beta 6/14/2016

Jurassic World PG-13 2015 124 minutes Beta 6/14/2016

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens PG-13 2015 138 minutes Beta 6/14/2016

** The number of filter marks does not necessarily indicate an exact count of acts of violence, sexual content, offensive language, etc. because one filter mark might contain an entire scene consisting of several offensive words or several acts of violence.  The filter marks are a logical marking, not a statistical counting.