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Basic Questions
How does enJoy work?
Can I see a demo of the enJoy software?
What is a Profile?
What is a Filter?
How do Profiles and Filters work together?
What categories are listed under each Profile?
How long does it take to create a Filter?
Can I use enJoy to watch DVD movies on my television?
How can I pay for enJoy?

Non-US Questions
Does enJoy work in countries outside the United States and Canada?

Legal Questions
Is enJoy legal in the United States?
Can enJoy be used legally by schools or other organizations?

Technical Support Questions
Are there special instructions for Windows 7 users?
Does enJoy work with Windows 8?
Can enJoy play digital movies saved on my computer?
Can enJoy work with movies streamed from the Internet (like Netflix)?
What are the product specifications for enJoy?

Questions from Customers
Hannah from New Zealand

How does enJoy work?

enJoy is a computer software program that you can download to your computer.  Your computer must have a DVD drive in it.  When you put a movie into your DVD drive and start enJoy, you can mark the scenes that you want to skip or mute.

It is important to note that you can mark any scene, not just scenes considered inappropriate by most movie reviewers.  Only you know what is most appropriate for you and your family, and enJoy gives you full control to view the movie your way!

If you don't have time to make your own movie filters, you can use ours!  We provide an ever-growing database of movie filters.  For each filter, you can choose which filter marks you want to apply, so you still have the ability to customize the filter for your family.

Can I see a demo of the enJoy software?

Yes!  We demonstrate how to use the enJoy software in our video tutorials.  We also provide written transcripts with screen shots for each video.  Please review the video tutorials before downloading enjoy.

What is a Profile?

A profile tells enJoy the default intensity level that each person is comfortable with, according to pre-defined categories.  The intensity levels range from 1 (low) to 5 (high) except in two intense categories, where the levels range from 4 to 8.  You can create a profile for each member of your family.  When watching a movie with the entire family, just choose the profile of the most sensitive person and enJoy the movie!

What is a Filter?

A Filter is a collection of bookmarks, or filter marks, that identify certain scenes.  For example, for a movie called Mutant Cannibal Vampires, you might create a filter called “My Mutant Cannibal Vampires Filter” and it might contain 20 filter marks that identify scenes containing graphic violence and offensive language.

When you create filter marks, they are saved in a database on your computer so they don't need to be re-created each time you view the movie.

How do Profiles and Filters work together?

Let’s say you have a profile for your teenage son, Matthew, age 14, and he has an average comfort level of 3. But you also have a younger son, David, age 6, and he has an average comfort level of 1. When Matthew is watching a movie called Mutant Cannibal Vampires by himself, you can select Matthew's profile and he can watch scenes with intensity levels ranging from 1-3. But when David wants to watch Mutant Cannibal Vampires with his older brother Matthew, you would simply select David's profile and Matthew gets to watch a less intense version of Mutant Cannibal Vampires than he’s used to seeing. But don’t worry, Matthew won’t mind because he’s a cool big brother!

And when Dad watches Mutant Cannibal Vampires, he can select his own profile and enjoy watching the movie however he wants!

What categories are listed under each Profile?

EnJoy has 12 standard categories with Intensity levels ranging from 1 (low) to 5 (high):

  • Non-Graphic Violence
  • Graphic Violence & Images (intensity levels 4-8)
Sexual Content
  • Reference to Sex
  • Sexual Content
  • Crude Sexual Content
  • Sex with Nudity (intensity levels 4-8)
Non-Sexual Nudity
  • Language
  • Cursing & Crude Language
  • Name Calling
Vain Reference to Deity
  • Drugs
  • Use of Tobacco or Alcohol
  • Use of Drugs
In addition to the standard categories, enJoy has several themes.  Themes cover content that doesn't fit easily into traditional categories and that may be of concern to parents, such as death, divorce, gambling, mental illness, and stealing.

enJoy also offers 5 custom categories so you can create filter marks and describe them any way you want.

How long does it take to create a Filter?

Creating a filter can take just a few minutes or several hours, depending on how much marking you want to do. The beauty of enJoy is that it is fully customizable. You can mark as much or as little as you want.

If you find yourself thinking, "I don't want to spend time creating a filter. I just want to insert the DVD and view it with minimal effort," then you will be excited to hear that we have created several commercial filters for you to use. We have focused on recent popular PG-13 movies, mostly action-adventure and romances, with some PG movies as well. After you download a filter created by someone else, you will still be able to select which filter marks to apply to your movie. You can also insert your own filter marks into one of our commercial filters, thus giving you complete control over your viewing experience.

In the future, as other parents create filters, they can send the filters to us and we will post them to be shared with the community.

Can I use enJoy to watch DVD movies on my television?

Yes!  You just need to connect your computer to your television.  There are two basic ways to connect:

  • with a cable (a wire going straight from your computer directly into your tv)
  • wirelessly (your computer can be in a different room than your tv)
There are advantages and disadvantages to each method.  Using a cable would be more practical with a laptop computer than with a desktop computer.  Because there are so many different types of computers, televisions, and home networks, it is difficult to present specific solutions, but here are some useful sites to get you started:

If you would like to send us a detailed tutorial with pictures of how you connect your computer to your television, we will post your tutorial here.

How can I pay for enJoy?

The enJoy software is free to use, and you can create filters for your family for free.

If you want to buy a filter that someone else has created, then we are in the process (this month) of setting up a filter store so that people can share / sell their filters with other people. Those filters will cost money, maybe $1-$3 each, depending on how much the filter vendor (another enJoy user) wants to charge for it. Some of them might decide to share their filters for free.

This is an old comment that we will remove shortly: We use PayPal to manage our subscriptions because it keeps our costs low. We would prefer that you sign up for a PayPal account if you don't already have one. It's free, secure, and easy! You sign up one time, and then PayPal will charge your credit/debit card monthly or annually, depending on your subscription frequency.

If you would rather use an alternate form of payment, such as mailing a check, please Contact Us and describe how you would like to pay.

To cancel your PayPal subscription, follow these steps:
  1. Login to PayPal.
  2. On the My Account tab, click on Profile (last sub-menu).
  3. Click on My Money.
  4. Look for My preapproved payments and click Update.
  5. Select the desired Merchant (Provident Designs LLC / enJoy) to go to the detail page.
  6. Under Status (the second row on the page), click Cancel.

Non-US Questions

Does enJoy work in countries outside the United States and Canada?

Yes and No.

For non-US users, the enJoy software works just fine. You can use it to create your own filters.

However, our commercial filters, which are created in the US using the NTSC format, do not work in most other areas of the world that use the PAL format. There is a difference in DVD playback time that causes our Start/Stop times to be different than yours. This means that you can't use our commercial filters. We plan to address this problem in a future release.

If you would like to use enJoy outside the US to create your own filters (and share them with others in your area), please Contact Us for special instructions. Please indicate what country you live in.

Legal Questions

Is enJoy legal in the United States?

Yes!  Under the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005, the law allows for the creation of tools for personal use that can be programmed to skip past the offending parts and/or blank out the offending video or audio contained in a scene.  Our software does not edit the original movie on the DVD, but rather just skips past the offensive scenes.

See http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html for more information.  Section 110 lists exemptions which are not infringements of copyright, and paragraph 11 refers to computer programs or other technologies that are legal to be used in a private household.

Can enJoy be used legally by schools or other organizations?

The short answer is: consult your attorney.

Because the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005 allows us to offer enJoy Movies Your Way for use by a "household for private home viewing," enJoy is licensed for private home use only. However, there are other laws which may allow exceptions for educational and non-profit institutions, so please consult your attorney.  We think it would be great if enJoy could be used by schools and other organizations that serve children, but please note that Provident Designs LLC is not responsible for the illegal use of enJoy Movies Your Way.

Section 107 of the Copyright Law of the United States of America provides Fair use for educational and non-profit institutions. Please visit http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#107 for more information.

Technical Support Questions

Are there special instructions for Windows 7 users?

Some Windows 7 users have reported a problem with the sound not playing in their movies. They hear the sound using Windows Media Player, but they do not hear the sound when they watch a movie with enJoy. This is a codec issue. Our current version of enJoy includes an optional (free) codec that you can install called DScaler5.  If you decide not to install that codec, you can use any other codec that you desire.  For additional information, click here.

Does enJoy work with Windows 8?

enJoy does not work on Windows 8.

enJoy uses Windows Media player. For enJoy to work, your copy of Windows Media Player must be able to play DVDs already. For Windows 8, Microsoft decided to remove the ability for Windows Media Player to play DVDs, which means that enJoy does not yet work on Windows 8. Our next version of enJoy, due 12/31/2013, will use a different media player and will work on Windows 8.

If you have a computer that runs Vista or Windows 7 (and your computer has Windows Media Player), you can install enJoy on that computer.

Can enJoy play digital movies saved on my computer?

enJoy version 1.6 only plays movies from DVDs in the computer's DVD drive, but our next version of enJoy, due 12/31/2013, will (most likely) allow playing movies stored on the computer's hard-drive. That means enJoy users can watch a movie either on a DVD or from a digital version of the movie.

Can enJoy work with movies streamed from the Internet (like Netflix)?

The short answer is that enJoy does not work with streamed movies. Filtering a streamed movie has some technological challenges. In order to skip a scene, enJoy must have control over the media player so it can skip ahead. Netflix and others use private technology that does not give enJoy the ability to skip scenes. In the future, it is possible that we will overcome this technological challenge, but not for the next few years.

What are the product specifications for enJoy?

Your computer must run the Windows operating system, either Windows Vista, or Windows 7. (enJoy does not currently work on Windows XP, Windows 8, Mac, iPod, etc.) Your computer must also have an Internet connection because enJoy checks your license in our database each time it starts (although if you are not connected to the internet, enJoy will still work for up to 30 days, so you can take your laptop on the road).

In addition, enJoy uses Windows Media player. For enJoy to work, your copy of Windows Media Player must be able to play DVDs already. Windows Media Player on Windows 8 does not play DVDs, so that is why it does not work. We are working on other options going forward. Windows Media Player (regardless of Windows version) does not work with Blu-ray Discs.

If your copy of Windows Media Player is having problems playing DVDs, it might be a codec problem.  Try researching online to resolve the Windows Media Player problem first, then contact us if you are having problems with the enJoy software.  Here are a few useful links regarding codecs:

For Windows 7:

For Vista:

Google Search to find codecs to install:

Hannah from New Zealand had these great questions

Hannah, your questions are so great, I'm going to post them on the website FAQ page. Here are the answers (let me know if you have more questions):

I am an inquirer from New Zealand who is very interested in your new software. I have never heard of it before recently, but I have read everything I could about it and also watched the tutorials before writing. My questions are as follows:

1. Does your software work for hard subtitles (as in, subtitles that CANNOT be turned off)? If so, how?

Hard subtitles. The enJoy software does not remove hard-subtitles in any way. If you mute a scene and have subtitles turned on, you will still see the language that you were trying to avoid. You could skip the scene instead of muting it, and in that case, depending on where you set your start/end time for the filter mark, it is likely that the closed captioning for that scene would be skipped as well. There is one fantastic product called TV Guardian that replaces bad words in the closed captioning (but I'm not sure if it works for hard subtitles -- probably not).

2. Can you recommend software that operates like yours that works on a Windows 8 system?

To my knowledge, there is no other computer software like enJoy currently on the market. There is not much financial incentive for anyone to create such software because it is expensive to create, the target market is small, and it is difficult and expensive to reach them. We are currently working on our Windows 8 version. (I'm doing this project for non-financial reasons).

3. If I have a computer, laptop, android, or i-pad that is not connected to the Internet, can I connect the computer to the Internet and then download the software and filters onto my machine, and then disconnect it? Does the filter work indefinitely, or does it have to be updated with a monthly installment from the Internet or on a T-stick connecting to the Internet?

Answer to 3a. The enJoy software only works on a Windows computer, not on an i-pad or android device. You can put the DVD into your computer and play it using the enJoy software, and there are ways to "send" the image to your TV or other device via your home network.

Answer to 3b. The enJoy membership is set up so that members pay monthly (however, enJoy is currently free). The enJoy software connects to the Internet when you open it and saves your membership information onto your computer. If there is no Internet connection, enJoy checks the "last known" membership information that it has. If the membership information is less than 30 days old, then it assumes nothing has changed and you can use enJoy. If it has been longer than 30 days, enJoy requires you to connect to the Internet again to get current membership information. If you don't connect, enJoy will close. This enables people to download filters and watch them, for example, while they are traveling in the car (not the driver, but the passengers!).

Answer to 3c. Filters work indefinitely, but the enJoy membership works monthly. Filters do not have to be re-downloaded from the Internet (unless we modify it and you want the newer version).

4. Does your filter work on all regions, or only on Region 1 DVDs? What I’m trying to say is, if I have installed your filter into my computer, and I have my region coding on my computer DVD player set to Region 4 (my DVD region), for instance, can I create a filter for a Region 4 disc using your software?

5. If I download your ready-made filters onto my machine, do they work regardless of region? For instance, let’s say that I downloaded the filter Amazing Grace onto my machine. I then insert a Region 4 disc of Amazing Grace into my machine and try to play it on my machine. Would the filter work in such a situation?

Answer to 4 and 5. The enJoy software works on all DVD Regions, but when a filter is created, the movie plays at a particular speed (NTSC vs. PAL). If a filter was created on a DVD using NTSC, then if another user played the movie using PAL, the filter mark start/end times would be "off". It has to do with different DVD playback speeds. But if someone else created another filter using PAL for the same movie, then all other PAL users could use that version. Currently, all of our commercial filters have been made using NTSC (Region 1).

6. If I make a custom filter from a DVD of a different region, can I place it on the Internet as a general filter?

If you would like to create your own filter for your own Region/PAL/NTSC area, then send it to us, we will post it on our website for others to use. We call these "shared" filters. They are made by regular users, not our employees, and therefore, they will probably not follow the same strict standards that we use, but for most people, the shared filters would be "good enough" for their needs and much appreciated by the enJoy community.

7. Can I turn the closed captions on and block any bad words or crude language on them, or must I turn the subtitles off? I do prefer to watch videos with captions and subtitles, but could you recommend a solution in this case?

enJoy does not hide subtitles. Only TV Guardian does that, but I doubt it can work on the computer in conjunction with enJoy, so it would be either one or the other. With enJoy, if you skip the scene with the language that you don't want to hear, then it should also skip the subtitles (depending on where you set the start/end times on the filter mark). That way, you can have subtitles for most of the movie except the skipped scenes.

The latest version of enJoy has a pretty cool feature. While you are watching the movie, if you don't watch it in full-screen mode, but you watch it where you can still see the DVD player buttons on the screen, there is a setting under the Options menu. You can choose to see the filter mark descriptions (hide all descriptions, show non-language descriptions, or show all descriptions which would be the same as reading the closed captioning). While you are watching the movie, if a scene is skipped, it will show the description of the skipped scene for 10 seconds, then the description will disappear. This is nice because it helps you keep up with the plot without seeing scenes you don't want to see. Where did that guy go? Oh, "a man killed another man." Now you know what happened to him, even though you skipped the violent scene.

8. Can I create a new filter for a movie not currently filtered that you offer on your software, or does your software only work on those DVDs you have filters for?

Yes, you can create a new filter for any DVD movie. Feel free, the more the merrier! The enJoy software is really a "tool" that people can use to create their own filters. The reason I offered commercial filters is that people don't have time to create their own, so we provided some for them. However, we can't make filters for every single movie in every single version, so the enJoy tool is available for anyone to use to make their own filters. And if people choose to share those filters with others via our website, then that helps everyone in the enJoy community!

Thanks for these great questions!

From Hannah: Thank you for your work on a filtering software; I will tell my family, plus a few acquaintances that also have a passion for clean movies/anyone else interested, about it. I have a few more questions for you below.

9. Let’s say I have downloaded enJoy onto my laptop or desktop computer and then disconnected the Internet from my laptop or desktop computer before filtering my DVD. After filtering, I wish to watch my filtered DVD. I then either use wireless or plug my laptop cable into the TV or DVD player. Can the enJoy software operate normally in this case without being connected to the Internet?

Yes. It will operate normally for 30 days.

10. Can I perform what is asked on Question 9 on a normal DVD player, or does it only work when I insert the DVD into the DVD player on the laptop or desktop computer?

No, it only works if the DVD plays in the computer. Because enJoy is computer software, it needs the computer to play the movie and process the filter marks (to skip/mute).

11. Do you know of any device that would work on a normal DVD player that can be attached to it, even if it doesn’t have a USB port in the makeup of it, and can filter out the objectionable content?

I do not know of any other products besides ClearPlay and TV Guardian. There is not much financial incentive for companies to make such products.

12. My desktop computer is not connected to the Internet at present. I think that with the filter, I will have to connect it to the Internet, download it, disconnect it, and, after a month’s time, reconnect it to reimburse the software. Am I correct in this matter?

Yes, after 30 days, you will need to connect your computer to the Internet again to "refresh" it's memory about your membership. When I used to charge users to use enJoy each month, that is how I turned off their subscription if they had canceled their membership.

13. Could you please confirm whether your filter or any other kind similar to it would work on a Windows XP?

I am sorry, but since our latest upgrade, enJoy no longer works on Windows XP. That is unfortunate and I was going to try to resolve the issue, but since XP is so old, I decided to focus on Windows 8 instead.

14. Let’s say I have two computers, with the enJoy filter installed on both of them, and I have filtered a DVD on one computer. I then take the filtered DVD to the other computer with the enJoy software and try to play it. Does enJoy recognise the filter, or do I have to recreate a filter all over again?

Let me clarify between the enJoy "software" and enJoy "filters." The software can be installed on each computer (Windows Vista/7 only). Then, if you create a filter on Computer #1, that filter is saved outside of the enJoy software, just like a Word document or a Text file. You can navigate to the filter on your computer. It is saved with a .dbs extension, which is a database file containing your filter. This .dbs file also has your user name saved inside it. It can't be copied to another computer, except as described below:

It would be nice if you could "share" that .dbs filter file with your other Computer #2, or email it to your friends, but that goes against my vision of a community. Instead, you must send the file to me. I will reset the user name and password, and quickly review it for content. Then I will post the filter on our Filters page with a note that this is a "Shared" filter. At that point, anyone can download it and use it, including you on your Computer #2. I will make a note about the filter's region/NTSC/PAL so that only those in that area will use it.

15. I would also like to know what the enJoy community is, because I am interested in that side of things as well.

The enJoy community just means other users of enJoy. I'm hoping that the community will become more active and involved by creating their own filters and sharing them by sending them to me.

16. How many megabytes does it take to download your enJoy software onto my computer?

It installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\enJoy and it is 4.2 MB, which is fairly small.

17. If I register with your website and then download the software, is that all that is required for me to have it and refresh it, or must I become a member to have enJoy software as well?

Registering with the website makes you a Premium member (no need to pay through PayPal). When you register, you will create a user name and password. That is the same user name and password that you will use when you open and use the enJoy software.

However, while you are connected to the internet, you will also want to download any commercial filters that you are interested in using. I thought about packaging them all into one large zip file, but I have not done that, so you have to download each filter separately. One reason I require separate downloading of the filters is so that I can keep track of which films are popular (I can track the visits to the individual filter pages when people download them one at a time).

18. Do I have to become a member of the enJoy community to share filters on the enJoy website?

Yes, but you will already be a member. It just means that you have registered on the enJoy website.

19. If I become a member, or choose to upload a filter I created onto the web for others to enJoy, do I have to have a Facebook account, etc.?

No Facebook account is required. When I talk about the enJoy community, I do not mean that you will need to communicate with others. In the future, the website does have modules that I could turn on that would enable forums, discussions about certain movies, sending messages to others enJoy users, etc. but I have not implemented that yet. I would have to revise my Privacy Policy, End User License Agreement, etc. and I would have to test those modules to make sure they work as expected. For now, I am asking people to send filters to me and I will post them on the website as I have time.

To summarize, at this time, the only personal information displayed to other enJoy users would be your user name, so instead of choosing a user name with your real name, you can choose something that keeps you anonymous. I've seen some interesting user names! If you create an enJoy filter and you share it with others, they will see your user name (created by XXXX).