New movie filters


How Does enJoy Work?

Filter any scene to create edited movies


enJoy is powerful, yet easy to use software for Windows 7/8/10 that allows you to create edited movies. It gives you the power to filter movies and decide what you and your family see and hear when watching your favorite movies. With our Scene Intensity Rating Scale, parental control is back in your hands, and you can tailor the contents of the movies to each member of the family.

Easy Download

Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can start enJoying clean films Your Way with just a few clicks of the mouse! Download enJoy directly from our website today.

Enjoy Clean Movies

enJoy is not just parental control software. It also enables conservative adults to clean movies for their own viewing. Adults can then enJoy their edited DVD movies from any genre without having to worry about repeatedly running across themes that make them uncomfortable.

Full Control

Unlike similar products on the market, enJoy is fully customizable for movie filtering and can skip any theme or scene that you do not think suitable for all members of your family. enJoy has excellent filter accuracy because you can set filter marks (bookmarks) at any scene.