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It seems every company is getting on the streaming explosion that has changed the way we enjoy movies, television, music, and even careers. It’s no wonder then that Apple has joined in with their platform Apple TV Plus (Apple TV+), but how do parents filter out profanity and inappropriate language or content while still enjoying the titles on Apple?

It’s a fair question that isn’t always easily answered, every platform has its own settings to explore and limits to their content moderation capabilities. Discover how Apple members can enjoy movies without exposing their families to profanity.

How Do You Censor Language in HBO Max?

Directly censoring cursing and inappropriate scenes isn’t possible on Max, but like other platforms, they offer Kids’ Profiles with some interesting features to give parents more control over what can be watched within HBO. Let’s go over the two parental controls that will help prevent inappropriate content from appearing.

It is important to remember that the way shows and movies are rated may be different than what a parent feels is appropriate for their family. Just because it is set for all ages or TV-PG doesn’t mean inappropriate words or themes are absent. 

Setting up Kids' Profiles

To set up a Kids Profile on HBO Max, follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose a profile and select “+ New Profile”
  2. Choose or skip the avatar selection
  3. Enter the child’s name
  4. Turn on “Kids Mode”

By default, all titles are set to TV-PG or PG and lower, but you can adjust it by editing the HBO Max settings within the Kids’ Profile. This is a great way to ensure family-friendly viewing as different content ratings groups are based on the Motion Picture Association of America and TV Parental Guidelines:

  1. Select Edit Profiles
  2. Select the Kids’ profile
  3. Select the shows and movie ratings that are preferred

Setting up Parental Controls

To help ensure kids and teenagers can’t override the Kids’ Profile or rating settings, HBO provides PIN enabling:

  1. Go to and choose the account holder’s profile
  2. Select “Edit Profiles”
  3. Choose “Profile PIN”
  4. Enter the account password and select “Next”
  5. Enter a 4-digit PIN and select “Save”
  6. Choose “Done” 
An example of custom filtering parameters with Enjoy Movies Your Way UI.
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Alternative HBO Profanity Filters Available

As you can see, while removing and limiting titles is possible on Max, it isn’t truly filtering profanity. Luckily, there are a few movie filters out there that can help remove foul language and ensure what is streaming is appropriate:


This filtering service can connect with several platforms, including Netflix, Apple TV+, and Amazon Prime. Their answer to filter profanity is essentially skipping over scenes that fall within the parameters parents set. Within their filters, there are subsections for each setting. For example, within the “sex/nudity/immodesty” setting, there are subsections like nudity w/sex or w/o sex, sexually suggestive, and others.

While VidAngel has impressive filtering options and custom settings, as well as a large selection of titles available on their platform, they don’t work with every streaming service and cannot be used with films or shows owned by Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, and Lucas Films. This means that VidAngel cannot connect with Hulu or Disney+, nor do they work with live streaming.


ClearPlay is probably known to most as a type of DVD player that allows users to skip and mute content that is offensive or inappropriate, but they’ve now moved to streaming by way of a Chrome browser extension. Like VidAngel, they have filter options, but their title selection is limited and it’s only available on desktops. To use ClearPlay with a TV, you would still need their DVD player, which is currently on backorder.

Experience HBO Max Your Way

Enjoy Movies Your Way, on the other hand, connects with all streaming platforms and has an array of tools to give parents streaming superpowers. Rather than titles being featured on our platform, we give users the tools to filter content according to their values and preferences on whichever platform they’re using.  

We provide filtering in two ways:

  • Our AI language filtering program “reads” movies and television shows to look for profanity and other offensive words that fall within the filtering settings the user has set. Rather than bleeping them out, they are simply removed from the audio and don’t appear in the subtitles.
  • Our visual scene filtering program offers a variety of in-depth settings to allow greater content control and remove scenes that are offensive or inappropriate. Some of these settings are:
    • The level of non-graphic violence (fighting without blood or bruises)
    • The level of graphic violence (fighting with physical marks and blood)
    • Types of sexual content
    • Types of adult themes (subject matter)
    • Level of drug content 
Major movies shown on a streaming service that can be made family-friendly.

Take control of your watching experience today.

Features and Benefits

The Enjoy Movies Your Way service is more than a scene or language filter, we offer other tools for families to use that ensure appropriate content, such as:

skip icon.

Ad Skip Queue

If bound to an ad tier, you can skip the commercials using our virtual “DVR.”

Custom Stream Time Remaining icon.

Playback Speed Control

Increase or decrease your playback speed and see how much time is left in a show.

tag icon.

Tag Mode

One of our most significant customization benefits! Create your own filters for movies and shows, and even share them to help other families enjoy movies their way.

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Tag Mode is a powerful tool that also helps connect other concerned parents, sharing tags and tips on films for a better experience for all families. Rather than waiting for streaming platforms to introduce better parental control, Enjoy Movies Your Way has the tools to give you the experience preferred for both you and your family.

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