Kids Movies You Can Stream on Peacock: Family-Friendly Entertainment

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Not every streaming platform has a great selection of family-friendly animated films; luckily, Peacock doesn’t share in that family night wrinkle. Whether you’re a Peacock user with a family or a parent looking for a greater selection of age-appropriate movies, Peacock has a lot of titles that everyone can enjoy. 

Stream Animated Movies on Peacock

The range of kid-friendly animated movies on Peacock is quite spectacular, ranging from reimagined classics like The Grinch to lesser-known titles that shouldn’t be, like PLOEY. Speaking of classics, Peacock doesn’t only offer new animated movies for kids, but also a wide array of classic animated shows like Curious George, BABAR, and newer ones like Little Charley Bear. Whether you want to share a show or movies you grew up watching with your kids or enjoy something newer together, the Peacock animated movie selection fits any family looking for a wider choice of appropriate kids’ films.

Explore Peacock Originals for Kids

Streaming platforms have been competing with original content since Netflix introduced its first award-winning show and Peacock is no different; but, what about the kid’s section? 

There is exclusive kids’ content on Peacock, true, but there is also Peacock Originals for children as well and they match the quality Peacock Originals is known for. Here is a brief list of some of the original programming for kids on Peacock that isn’t available anywhere else:

  • L’il Stompers: “An adorable group of little dinosaur friends explore their world and learn to help each other through laughter and play.”
  • Curious George: “With the help of his friend the Man in the Yellow Hat, a curious little monkey named George sets out on adventures to learn about the world.”
  • The Kids Tonight Show: “Talented pre-teens anchor segments and sketches, play games and interview the world’s biggest stars in the first late-night talk show for kids.”
  • Where’s Waldo: “Kid adventurers Waldo and Wenda work to earn their stripes as junior members of an international travel society facing a mischief-making globetrotter rival.”

The titles above aren’t all Peacock offers kids or families either, there is a wide array of original content for children to enjoy and parents to share with their family. 

Curate Your Watchlist for Family Streaming

While it’s great to know that there is both original content and other kid’s shows and movies provided by Peacock, searching for them may be a bit annoying while the little ones slowly lose their patience or adjusting the maturity settings becomes an unnecessary disruption for family night. Luckily, you can create a family-friendly watchlist on Peacock, and here is how:

  1. Click the title you want for the watchlist
  2. Click the “Add to Watchlist” button within the movie or TV show

Now the title will appear on the watchlist.

There you have it, two steps for creating a family watchlist on Peacock.

Increase Your Kid’s Watchlist with Better Filtering

A safer kids’ streaming experience on Peacock is paramount to any parent, ensuring they only view what is appropriate for them and promotes your values. While Peacock offers 5 different types of MPAA rating restrictions and provides original family-friendly programming, what about the rest of the titles offered? 

We at Enjoy Movies Your Way provide age-appropriate content filtering that is improving kids’ watchlist on Peacock by expanding it to nearly any show or movie. We give parents a streaming superpower with AI language filtering software that improves the viewing experience for the whole family and tailors what is seen and heard on Peacock for different children at different points in their development. 

Streaming platforms do their best to provide parents the tools they want and need to protect their children from inappropriate material but for the holes that still exist and the titles families want to share but need them family-friendly, we make sure you can Enjoy Movies Your Way.

Discover how we are combining filtering options with a tool that not only limits profanity but violence and adult themes and provides an opportunity to share in a community of parents with similar concerns. 

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