How to Turn Off Censoring on Hulu

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Hulu fairly recently began censoring television shows streaming on their platform with many asking if there is a way to turn it off. While bleeping out and removing profanity from speech can be a great tool for parents wanting to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate material, many adults find it annoying to not hear things as they are. 

Can You Disable Censorship in Hulu?

Many adult subscribers of Hulu are frustrated with the censoring of adult-language rollout and are debating censoring pro-choice, that every adult should be able to monitor their own entertainment. Part of the reason for their frustration and the debate is that there isn’t much they can do to turn off censoring on Hulu. Unfortunately, Hulu airs the shows and movies they receive as is. This means they don’t bleep out or edit scenes on their end and the content arrives that way. 

Why Profanities are Censored in Hulu

There is a long history of the public vs. censorship in various organizations and groups within government, from what can be seen visually to what can be written about or heard. The latest edition of the debate is with streaming and with the internet age, concerns about accessibility to either the youth or people whose values don’t align with the content itself. Recently, two House GOP members warned the FCC to not take any steps towards regulating content on streaming platforms, in part because it’s within Congress’s purview rather than the FCC and that individuals can make up their own minds more so than with cable programming. 

Censored swear words aren’t a Hulu policy, they simply stream the content as it arrives. While this is true, it hasn’t prevented a backlash from users on Hulu’s Community platform; there are frequent complaints by users that it should be their decision to censor and filter what they deem objectionable themselves or for their family. 

Community Views

The Hulu community views the inability to regulate their own censoring as very problematic. A quick run-through of the comments and posts demonstrated the frustration with television shows being bleeped and edited for profanity while movies they watch aren’t. Hulu’s lack of a profanity filter is a hot-button issue especially since the membership prices continue to rise without any other options available to them. 

The frustration with rising costs, longer and more ads, and the lack of user control over profanity and censoring isn’t only on Hulu’s Community platform. On Reddit, Gamespot, and other message boards there are long threads of complaints. 

The Call for Optional Censorship

Many users have begun asking for option censorship so that people who would like to edit out profanity or skip scenes they feel are inappropriate can while those who’d rather watch content as is can. Essentially, these users are arguing pro-choice censorship, enabling adults to make adult decisions. Which is a shared value with Enjoy Movies Your Way.

As of now, Hulu hasn’t formally responded to users asking for a way to control their own streaming experience. Luckily, Enjoy Movies Your Way provides an array of tools for parents to take charge over what their families have access to, such as both an AI language filtering program to remove profanity and a visual scene filtering program that enables users to:

  • Choose the level of non-graphic violence (fighting without blood or bruises)
  • Selecting the level of graphic violence (fighting with physical marks and blood)
  • Sexual content
  • Adult themes (subject matter)
  • Drug content

We at Enjoy agree with the users that there should be a choice for adults to view entertainment themselves as they wish and choose for their children as well. Explore how to Enjoy Movies Your Way and discover streaming superpowers.

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