Show Isn't Available

The issues typically encountered when trying to find a specific show to watch are:

Not Showing On Search Screen

The Enjoy system gets show information from For the most part, any show you can think of is included in this community maintained database.

However, a show might be brand new and hasn’t been entered yet. Or an older show may simply have incomplete information.

Once community enters the basic show information, it will appear in the Enjoy search as well.

Consider contributing to content to bring even more shows to Enjoy!

If you decide to contribute, it’s helpful to know that Enjoy requires a minimum set of information to be entered:

  • Overview is entered
  • There is at least one poster art image, and one backdrop image
  • Genre is specified
  • Has a vote count > 2 and a vote average > 0.2
  • There is at least one keyword
  • Cannot be listed as adult content

* – Note that it can take up to a day before the Enjoy system will become aware of changes made in

Show Isn't Available On A Streaming Site

Tip #1 – Check Additional Streaming Providers

The Enjoy app will make a best guess as to where you are most likely wanting to watch the show and when you click the Play icon.

In cases where Enjoy guessed incorrectly, meaning you want to watch it on a specific streaming service other than the default, there is another button next to Play called Additional Streaming Providers which will show all the sites that Enjoy has found this show.

For Example: Let’s say Indiana Jones is available on both Netflix and Amazon, but you only have Amazon connected to the Enjoy app. Enjoy will pick Amazon as the default when you select the Play button, even if you can only watch it there for an additional rental or purchase from But if later you connect Netflix, Enjoy will know that you are more likely to want to watch it on Netflix since that would be included in your Netflix subscription.

Tip #2 – Wait a few moments for the scan to complete

When you view a show’s details, the app will see if there are more places to watch that show since it last scanned. The scanning process can take a few moments (perhaps even a couple minutes depending on connection speed). So if you aren’t seeing the provider you expect for a show, you could consider waiting a couple minutes to see if it suddenly appears in the Additional Streaming Providers page.

Tip #3 – Let our support team know

If after considering the tips above, you still aren’t seeing a show listed for the correct provider(s), contact our support team and we can take a look to see what’s up.

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