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"Enjoy" is an App for your smart TV and mobile device that helps you to customize movies and TV shows you stream! You gain access to family-friendly filters and lots of other features that bring even more fun to your movie watching experience.


Check out our quick explainer video to learn more about the Enjoy service.


Enjoy's service aims to accomplish these main purposes:

  • Offer access to a wide range of video content that can be made family friendly for all ages (e.g., kids, parents, in-laws, dates, etc.).
  • Equip families and individuals with tools to personalize and enrich their movie-watching experience.
  • Maximize the potential for personal and relational growth through the power of TV storytelling.

Yes! Enjoy is available for Android & iOS tablets and phones, Android & Amazon Fire TVs, Roku devices, and desktop Chrome browsers. Search for 'Enjoy Movies Your Way' on your device's relevant app store.

You can even see the Enjoy app online at!

Casting works too! (some casting options may not yet be available for some streaming services)

Through the use of the Scene Intensity Rating (or SIR) scale and meta-data tags, Enjoy software identifies particular time segments within a scene and categorizes the content, creating "tags". These tags unlock supplemental content and enhancements such as: skip and mute filters, trivia content, special subtitle controls, playback speed control and more.

For a given movie or episode of a tv show, there can be up to 3 different filtering options available.

  • Language Only Filters – These filters mute inappropriate words in movies, but do not skip over adult scenes. These filters are ideal for movies that do not contain adult content.

Why do some shows have only language filtering available?

Depending on the connected streaming services, you can stream over 400,000 shows through the Enjoy app! With that many shows, it will take some time before our tagging teams create proper filters for the majority of them. In the meantime Enjoy provides language filtering for any show you stream! Auto language filters are generated by the computer based on subtitles provided by the streaming provider.

Note: if the subtitles provided by the streaming service are not well-timed, or there are words spoken but not included in captions, then Enjoy can sometimes miss a word that should be muted. There are things you can do to help with this. Namely, set a mute padding of 1 second in the Additional Filter Settings. Please see the filter tutorial in the help center for details on all filtering options.

To see a list shows that have more than just language filters, you can go to the Movie or TV menu in the app, select the Search Filter icon on the left of the poster art grid, enable “Enjoy Certified Content” then click Apply. Now only movies that have all categories of content filtered accurately will be displayed in the grids.

  • Certified Filters – These filters are carefully created by the Enjoy tagging teams and can cut out all categories of inappropriate content according to your preferences. Things like adult scenes, drugs and alcohol, crude language and more.

Note: Keep in mind that if the movie or show is available through multiple services (i.e Netflix and Amazon, etc.), the filters may only be accessible through some of them. Check the details of the show to see which services have certified filters.

Enjoy uses the Scene Intensity Rating Scale (SIRS) to categorize content. You can think of SIRS as being similar to the MPAA rating system, only SIRS is at the scene level, not the entire show. SIRS is being developed as a committee based open standard that Enjoy is spearheading. Look for more about SIRS in the future, or see it in action when creating Community Filters using the Enjoy Tag Tool.

  • Community Filters – Through Enjoy’s Tag Tool, you can create personalized filters based on your standards of appropriateness. These filters can be for private use or shared with other Enjoy users if desired. See the help center tutorial on the Tag Tool for more about creating community filters.

You can learn even more about how our filters work in our help center.

That's right, Enjoy also has a Chrome extension!

Chrome extensions are programs that can be added to Chrome based browsers in order to change the browser's functionality to make it more convenient for the user.

Enjoy's extension can be installed on your chrome browser, and will notice when you are watching something on one of our supported streaming sites. It will then add the same great features to that show as you would see in the app!

We support computers that run Windows, Linux, MacOS and ChromeOS. Just go to one of the supported streaming providers and start watching a TV show or movie like you normally would.

That's when you will notice something new from Enjoy! When you move the mouse over the video, an Enjoy settings icon will appear. Click on it to access the Enjoy menu. From there you can enable and configure various settings to customize your movie watching experience!

Click here for our list of features and their availability.

Great news! We have features available for "ALL" movies and TV shows you can stream online through any of our supported service providers! That's over 360,000 shows!(depending on your connected streaming sites and related subscriptions).


The following features are available for all shows watched through Enjoy:

  • Automatic Language filters
  • Subtitle cloud translation into 120 different languages
  • Customizable subtitle font, size, and color
  • With more features in the pipeline.


But there's more! We are adding daily to a library of "Enjoy Certified" content! These are movies and TV shows that have been tagged by hand with scenes categorized according to the Scene Intensity Rating (SIR) scale.


In the app, look for movies or episodes with the label: FULLY CERTIFIED FILTERS AVAILABLE

Yes! We have a completely new approach that sets our service apart from other services you may have heard about that were shut down.

The short answer as to why, is that our service does not violate US copyrights, or create what would be considered derived art. The technology we developed is specifically designed to comply with US copyright laws. Namely, the US Family Movie Act 2005, US Privacy Act of 1974, US Fair Use Act 2007 and also in consideration of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

A bit more explanation...

In the Enjoy app, you connect to the account associated with your streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Our app will use that account to stream shows you already have access to on those sites. In order to comply with copyright laws, Enjoy streams directly from those sites to the client app. We don't host any of our own video content or have any intermediate servers, which is why our service is allowed to operate under current US copyright law.

With the Chrome extension installed on your computer browser, it will automatically activate itself whenever you start watching something on a supported streaming site.

The same in-show features are available whether you're are using one of the apps or the Chrome extension.

PREMIUM $7.99/mo

The Premium plan offers unlimited use, no intermission breaks, and access to all available features.

For the complete plan and cost breakdown click here.

If you have ever only signed up for the Free plan, then you won't be charged at all!

Should you decide to sign up for the paid plan, the day you sign up will be the start day for your billing cycle. If you sign up on a day that is not repeated each month, then the last day of the month will be used.

Downgrading Your Plan

Should you choose to downgrade from the paid plan to the free plan, you can continue to use your paid plan until the end of the billing cycle and there will be no further charges.

We do not provide refunds. Please contact us at with any questions.

Enjoy is flexible. There are no contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online by switching your account to the FREE plan. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account anytime.


You can also click here to learn more about canceling or deleting your Enjoy subscription.


If you have any trouble canceling your account or want your account completely deactivated, please contact us at

Yes! You can remove items from your watch list and watch history right from within the app without requesting help from us!

You can also add and remove user profiles from the website.

But if you would like some help resetting something, please let us know! Click here for a page that explains more about resetting your Enjoy account.

Did you forget your password? Here is the link to reset your password:

Enjoy offers a unique and comprehensive filtering experience tailored to family-friendly streaming. Our comparison chart highlights key distinctions, showcasing Enjoy's free account options, broad compatibility with popular streaming platforms, and device integrations. Dive into the chart to discover how Enjoy stands out with its exclusive features, including automatic language filters, tag mode, and additional settings. Explore the detailed breakdown to make an informed choice for your family's entertainment needs.

You might notice that some services like Vudu and iTunes are not available to connect to Enjoy.


But not to worry... there is still a way to watch all your purchased content from those platforms and more through Enjoy!


First, connect your iTunes, Vudu/Fandango, and several other streaming services to a account. Then, if you also connect your YouTube or Amazon account to, all your purchased content can be accessed through YouTube or Amazon. And YouTube and Amazon "are" supported by Enjoy!


So for example, once that is all setup, if you bought a movie through Vudu, you can load that same movie in Enjoy and choose the YouTube option. It works!


Please contact us if you need any help setting that up.

Here is a quick listing of all streaming services that can be setup to work with Enjoy:

Through you can also connect to Enjoy:
  • Microsoft Movies & TV
  • xfinity
  • Verizon Fios TV
  • DirectTV
  • iTunes
  • Vudu/Fandango

If you still have some questions, or are looking for answers to a specific problem, please try the Troubleshooting or Tutorial sections in the Help Center menu.

Of course, you are also free to contact us at for additional help.

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