Error Playing

We understand how frustrating it is when you all you want to do is enjoy a show, but when you press Play you get an error message instead. The Enjoy team is working hard to ensure that this doesn’t happen. However, now and then something may glitch, and hopefully these troubleshooting tips will help.

Additional purchase or rental required

You may see a message indicating that you need to first purchase or rent the show on a specific streaming service. Enjoy is not able to help you make a purchase, but if you go to that streaming site and purchase or rent the show, you can immediately press play after the purchase is completed on that site, and it will then play through Enjoy.

Netflix maturity rating restrictions

If you have enabled maturity rating restrictions on your main profile, Enjoy will be unable to play any shows restricted by that setting.

You can determine which of your netflix profiles is the main one by navigating to the website, selecting ‘Manage Profiles’ and then find the profile that does not have the ‘Delete Profile’ option.

Removing the maturity rating restriction from your main netflix profile will allow for all shows to play through Enjoy.

Note: Enjoy is not affected by netflix maturity rating restrictions for profiles other than the main profile.

A specific error appears

Depending on the streaming service, there may be some specific errors that will appear that tell you why that show cannot be played at this time. In those cases, the message should indicate why you can do to resolve the issue.

Example: Suppose you have connected Disney+ to the Enjoy app, and your Disney+ account has a maturity restriction of PG-13. If you try to play a Disney+ show through Enjoy that has an R rating, you should see a message indicating the maturity rating is too high to play.

A general error appears

If something went wrong but there wasn’t any helpful information that we could pass along to you, then you may see a general error appear. In this case, there is still something you can do to help the Enjoy team and other Enjoy app users fix the show so it can play.

Tip #1 – Try re-connecting the streaming account
There are times when the connection to the Enjoy app may become invalid, but Enjoy doesn’t know it yet. Perhaps you changed your password with the streaming service, or you indicated you wanted to disconnect all devices. In cases like this, Enjoy may continue to “think” that it is connected. However, if you reconnect Enjoy to the streaming service it may resolve the problem.

Tip #2 – Click Help/Submit
When you see a message on screen, there should be a Help button available. Please click Help, then select one of the options listed and press Submit. This will add some extra information in the Enjoy system logs that our team can lookup. If you also contact us at and let us know that you submitted a report, that will alert us to respond soon.

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